Reconstruction of territories

The redevelopment of the site shall be carried out on existing gardens and grounds, regardless of their condition. Even imperfect existing gardens can be transformed into beautiful, well-maintained gardens. This service includes the creation and maintenance of territories.

Delivery and planting of trees

We supply high quality boxwoods from different European countries, according to the climatic requirements of the site.
We provide plant assembly, delivery, planting and care.

Arborist services

Tree care is carried out in a tree-friendly way, prolonging the life of the tree using special equipment, techniques and in-depth knowledge of dendrology.
  • Tree care
  • Shaping the canopy
  • Lifting a crown
  • Crown thinning
  • Felling of hazardous trees
  • Work at height (roof cleaning, gutter cleaning)
  • Tree protection on construction sites
  • Fruit tree care
  • Tree assessment

Indoor landscaping

Visualisations of projects